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Born: March 12, 1993
Grey, Long Tail
Hips & Eyes Clear


Ebba is my first Swedish Vallhund and came to live with us in September 1993. She is out of Chipsmakers Dynamit Harry and Tridents Lina. Ebba really is the very best!! She is super intelligent, gentle, easy to train and a perfect dog in all situations. Upon that she has produced some fantastic puppies.
Ebba is living a pampered life in Winnipeg with my daughter Lena and two cats. She doesn't hear anything anymore. When Lena is traveling through work she has been staying with Diane Lee who has Ebba's granddaughter Sweetie. At those occasions she still comes with Diane to a nursing home for visits.
When Ebba came to visit last Christmas I thought it might be too much for her with my whole pack, so I tried to keep them calm and away from her. Well, to my surprise, she was the one to tackle the others and wanted to play!! Good old farm girl as she is!!!

Ebba!!! Everyone here at Vastgota is sending their congratulations to you and hope that we see you again soon!!

Ulla's first Vallhund, Ebba came to Canada from Sweden, earned her championship and CD, and has long been a wonderful ambassador for the breed. As she has been throughout her long life, Ebba is welcome wherever she goes, and has now retired "out west" where she lives with Ulla's daughter. Ebba's legacy will be the sweet, loving temperament and calm, thoughtful intelligence that she has passed along to her puppies (like Birk).

ebba snow ebba ebba
ebba ebba 15 years old
  Ebba at 15 years old.
ebba at work ebba at work
Ebba still enthusiastically working as a therapy dog at over 15 years of age!
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