Birthdate: March 11, 1999
Red, Short Tail
Hips & Eyes Clear


Ulla's beloved "Nelli-Pelli" sadly passed away January 25, 2012. Her loving, sweet, gentle temperament, her adoration of puppies, and her beautiful dark eyes will be sadly missed by all who met her. She was a very, very special girl whose name appears in the pedigrees of many wonderful Vallhunds in several countries.

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CH Krösaskogens Hektor CD SUCH Grålötens Berra Blåtira SU CH Åttingbergs Rasmus
INTUCH SUCH Grålötens Nora Näsvis
INTUCH NORDUCH TJH Krösaskogens Ditte SUCH INTUCH NORDUCH Nolgårdens Knubbe
SUCH CAN CH Tridents Qulan Riavallens Sverre SUCH NUCH INTUCH Rödagårdens Risto
INT N SUCH Hallavadets Hanna
SUCH Frida 32204/89 SUCH Vikingatorpets Danne