December 13, 1993 - February 2006
Grey, Natural Bob Tail
Hips Clear


Imported from Sweden, Bosse sired many wonderful Vallhunds, including Ivy Underdahl's Blaze, Mary Carter's Promise, Birk and Larsson

bussig head bussig

SUCH FRCH Ellebo's Teddy SUCH NUCH INTUCH NV-93 Kärradalens Rudolf SUCH Flygaråsens Drill
Åttingbergs Tussi
NUCH Ellebo's Wanja NUCH Grålötens Nikke Normann
INTUCH SUCH Kicklocks My Betty SUCH NUCH Riavallens Rurik SUCH NUCH INTUCH Rödagårdens Risto
INTUCH NUCH SUCH Hallavadets Hanna
Tridents Daisy SUCH Vikingatorpets Danne
SUCH Kicklocks Laiza

ARBA CH Osafin Hopes 'n' Promises ("Promise") RA MX MXJ AD SSA SG SJ SR FFX-AG NAC NJC HCT HRD II

CH Tridents Bussig X ARBA CH Sunfire Just Desserts
bred by Cindy Kingsley, Osafin Swedish Vallhunds
Owned by Mary Carter

promise jump promise ribbons

pictures & below text courtesy Mary Carter

ARBA CH. (conformation)
Agility Titles:
AKC- Master agility (MX) Master agility Excellent (MXJ)
USDAA- Agility Dog (AD), This is one takes a title in starter standard and a leg in jumpers, gamblers, snooker and pair relay.
SSA (starter standard) SG (starter gamblers) AP(advanced pair relay), SS(starter snooker)
AKC Obedience- RA (rally advanced)
AHBA (American Herding Breeds Association)- HCT-s (Herding Capability Tested on sheep), HRD I-s (Herding Ranch Dog I-s on sheep)
Promise has been the Top Agility Swedish Vallhund in AKC since 2004. She is more than half way to the top agility award called Master Agility Champion (MACH). She only needs 7 more double Q's(two qualifying runs in a day).
She was named Most Versatilte Vallhund at the 2006 SVCA national speciality show in Tulsa. She had to compete in at least two performance events and conformation. She competed in herding, obedience, agility and conformation ( we had a special altered dog and bitch class) So in 2006, she earned High inTrial Herding for the second time., first time in 2003. first place in her herding class, placed 2nd in agility and 2nd in rally obedience and placed first in her conformation class.
She is the smallest of her litter mates standing right at 11". But her overall temperament and her willingness to try to do whatever I ask of her, more than makes up for her lack of height. Both Bowie and Olive have a high standard of acheivement to match. so far I like what I see in both of them. In fact all three from this mating of Disa to Bosse, produced highly motivated pups, and I am so thankful for the one I have.